Academy Topper in I & II PUC, CET, JEE, NEET

S.N BHAT hearty congratulates the students who topped in I &II PUC, CET, JEE and NEET, also for the one who brought us proud to our college by scoring 100% result in 2nd PUC examination conducted by Karnataka pre-education board in the month of April-2018.  S N BHAT wishes all the best to reach your next level of success. The hard work which you have put towards the examination made you to celebrate this moment of happiness. It is a worth spending time and which will encourage your juniors for which you have stood as an example for the best results. S.N BHAT Academy wishes all the best for your future and cherish in which ever field you may go make the thinks possible and be an iconic for others. Think positive, be positive and live positive so that the thinks around you will remain positive. At present you are the best example of a good student.

Thank you once again for making our college proud and today you are the reason for the happy moment. Make us proud and give your 100% in whatever things you may do for your success. May your dreams turn into reality of successes’ S. N BHAT Academy takes this opportunity to motivate you to do more a success in life. Congratulation to your great achievement never run behind the success, get the worthiness then automatically success will run behind you. Best wishes for your good score and good luck for your future, you have won over our expectation and SN BHAT Academy is proud of your achievements.

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