NEET 2019 Tips

Tips for NEET 2019

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is an examination for the selection in the medical courses of Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (M.B.B.S) and Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S). This examination is mandatory for securing admission in any Government or Private College.

Any examination requires a rigorous amount of preparation and immense dedication. But any preparation will go in vain if not guided by rules and without the to-do list. It is an offline examination which is held once in a year. Despite attending coaching classes it is mandatory to immerse in considerable self-study zone. The preparation should begin well in advance so as the candidate has enormous time to finish the syllabus as well as complete the revision. The important topics to be covered: Mechanics, Organic Chemistry, Biology. Several Guide books are also available in the market which has topics covered profoundly. Therefore, here comes the checklist for the smooth preparation for the examination!

  • Be thorough with the Syllabus– The candidates should be thorough with the current syllabus. The examinee should also go through the exam pattern and check the question papers of the previous years. It is necessary for the candidate to be well versed with all the topics covered in not just their board but also other state boards and central boards. This will give a comprehensive idea to the student as to what is being missed out and whatever topic requires extra attention. Apart from your NEET, lay emphasis on the upcoming Board examination as well.
  • Prepare a time table- The student should be aware of the duration of the examination. A comprehensive timetable should be prepared by the candidate so as to cover all the topics included in the syllabus. The candidate should also revise all the topics exhaustively.
  • Revise the basics- The candidate should go through the text books prescribed by the NCERT as well as the state boards in class 11 and 12. This deeper understanding of the subject will build the foundation of the candidate and help them sail through smoothly. There are several Video Lectures and series of Tests which needs to be paid attention to. Keep a check on the developments and take steps to improvise on it.
  • Solve question papers and write Mock tests- The candidate should solve the question papers of the previous papers exceedingly and write several mock tests to ensure the speed and the tie taken does not exceed the duration of the examination. It is advisable that the candidates solve the question papers of last 15 years. Several coaching centers shell out numerous question banks and solved question papers, which should be revised time and again by the candidates. Give as any tests as possible and do not give up.
  • Confidence- The confidence is the best ornament that a human can wear which will help them evade any trouble with ease. Anxiety and stress for the examination will worsen the health further and do no good as it is a known fact that mental health and physical health goes hand in hand. It is also advisable to refrain from Social Media as it consumes lot of your time and distracts you. It is advisable to keep some positive quotes on the study table so as to keep oneself motivated and optimistic throughout. The candidate should also talk to people who will empower and from whom one will draw optimism. This will be beneficial in the long run. The examinee should also take short breaks and not abstain or deprive themselves from sleep. Good food and good sleep will help the candidate to concentrate and focus well.

The hard work by the candidate with no stone left unturned and give their best shot. Remember, success is the result of toiling hard. Good Luck to all the candidates!



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