S. N. Bhat Independent PU College Courses Offered

We offer the two years Pre University course, which is the foundation of specialization requiring students to choose either the University education or Professional courses. This is a bridge course between ten years of schooling and the Professional courses. Each combination offers two core subjects apart from language studies.

The course provides learning opportunities in a unique campus of co-educational learning and a caring environment. S. N. Bhat  PU College stand by Values of Truth, freedom and acceptance which we use as our framework moreover I & II PUC  course provides the basis for the professional courses, that the students take up to fulfill their aspirations. The students get to make a choice of their study at this level, to pursue a course of their choice, as in the field of Medicine, Engineering, Biotechnology, Chartered Accountancy etc.

The students study four core subjects and two languages. The course is split into two academic years, with one District level exam at the end of the First year and a State level exam at the end of the Second year conducted by PUC Board.

English (Compulsory for All)           

Language (Any one of the following) – Kannada, Sanskrit

science courses for NCERT Sylabus


  • PCMB – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology
  • PCMC – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science
  • PCME – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Electronics


  • BAES – Business studies, Accountancy, Economics, and Statistics
  • BAECS – Business studies, Accountancy, Economics, and Computer science
commerce courses for NCERT Sylabus

A top ranked college and known to be one of the best Pu colleges located in Bangalore, the SN BHAT PUC College is working towards the holistic development of students who are ready to face the challenging world after their two years of journey at Sn Bhat College.

It is a college which nurtures the quest for knowledge in students and also helps them become the responsible citizens of tomorrow.