College Committees

Committees have been formed to facilitated smooth conduct of Academic, Cultural and Sports activities for the academic year.
Committee members are informed to familiarize and discharge entrusted duties to the best of their ability.

Prayer Committee

Members : Sri. Muninanjappa B.M

  • Duties : Securing list of talented students in music and songs from the class teachers by identifying talented students.
  • Providing Equal Opportunity & Representation to I & II PU students
  • Inspiring & Motivating Students/ Lecturers for Active participation.
  • Selecting appropriate Songs viz., lyrics/ devotional/ folklore/patriotic songs to be chosen to fit specific occasions.

Attendance Committe

Members : All Lecturers  

  • Duties : Checking & Verifying Consolidated Marked Attendance of all sections.
  • Announcing periodically ‘Shortage of Attendance i.e. Academic Progress’ of Students, first week of every month.

Test Committe

Members : 
Sri. Muninanjappa B.M
Sri. Nagaraja Rao
Smt. Parvathi
Smt. Kavitha Shetty

  •  Duties : Making necessary arrangements for organizing
  •  Unit Tests,
  •  Mid Session Examination,
  •  Promotional/ Preparatory
  •  Public Examination

Publicity Committe

Members : 
Sri. Muninanjappa B.M
Sri. V. Nagaraja Rao

  • Publicity is not to be confined only to the beginning of an academic year.
  • Instead, every opportunity available during

Orientation Programme

Talents Day, 
Sports Day, 
College Annual Day, 
Parents Meet 
will have to be availed for publicity in different media etc.,

Discipline Committe & Girls Safety Committee

Members : 
Sri. Muninanjappa B.M
Smt. Parvathi
Smt. Kavitha Shetty
Sri. Nagabhushan Rao

  • Ensuring maintenance of a Disciplined Environment during college hours & break.
  • Reporting Incidents of nuisance, if any, to the Principal, for appropriate action.
  • Safety of students by preventing grouping or roaming outside during college working hours
  • Instilling feeling of Self Confidence & Boldness.
  • Putting collective effort for safety both inside and outside the college campus.
  • Inculcating self care, self discipline and to promote organizational skills Conducting activities/programmes.
  • Briefing on adverse effects of mobile phones, message and friendship through face book account.

Consulting and Confiding with Parents/Well wishers.

Guest/Cultural/ Quiz & Debate Committee

Members : 
Sri. Muninanjappa B.M
Smt. Parvathi
Smt. Kavitha Shetty
Mr. Nagabhusan Rao

  • Organizing all Cultural Programmes by securing the co-operation of all Class Representatives/ Class Teachers/ Subject Lecturers in conducting programmes as per this calendar of events.
  • Facilitating Talented/ Intelligent Students to participation in Inter Collegiate Competitions.
  • Involving all Class Representatives/ Class Teachers/ Subject Lecturers so as to get best of co-operation & excellent organization of Cultural Programmes.
  • Submitting report of all the cultural programmes immediately after the programs.
  • Arranging for Interclass Quiz/Debate Competitions.
  • Making use of Audio-Video facility.
  • Making Quiz/Debate Programme interesting, useful & relevant to Students.
  • Choosing College Quiz/Debate Teams to participate in Inter collegiate Quiz/Debate Competitions.

Accompanying students for any outdoor officially arranged cultural programmes