Best Practices in College

Our college is known for transforming and empowering students from science and commerce background students who come from diverse backgrounds ranging from underprivileged sections to affluent ones. One of the best practices is of our college is “Growing Within: Nurturing the potential of students, enabling them, empowering them to carve their unique paths”. It helps to facilitate self-growth, self-worth and actualization of potential of the students through myriad ways of empowerment and competence building.

Practices like experiential learning, using the method of power-point presentations to help them organize their thinking process and build professional skills, using audio-visual aides (such as screening of films and plays, displaying paintings, photographs etc.), holding talks by experts in certain given fields and promoting wellbeing through the activities such as breathing exercises or rigorous physical activity endorses a student centric, self-directing pedagogy. Through constructive feedback, open communication, inculcating a culture of critical thinking and holding an array of in-depth discussions, the college has managed to uplift its most underprivileged members to be more self-reliant, career oriented and great leaders. The teaching culture here seeks to highlight and thereby have the students appreciate that the true essence of life lies outside the bounds of black and white, and in a wide variety of shades. Practice such as appreciating text is to enable students to draw life-world reflected in the text. The students learn to think beyond right-wrong, profit-loss, abnormal-normal, beautiful-ugly and start an educative experience on range not limited by these extremities. This is also possible through the individualized mentoring and counselling that the teachers provide to the students. Our college library with its varied collection of books, journals, magazines opens a window to the wider world for the students

Student counselling


Counseling is to promote the mental health of all students, to improve their quality of life and create a learning environment and facilitates their individual development.Counseling Services include psychological, mental or emotional, Education and Career counseling.The idea is guiding and assisting students throughout their study at the institute, providing appropriate assistance at each stage of the student’s development, growth or progress.


Student counselor Sri. B .M. Muninanjappa, is incharge.

Academics related stress issues such as,

  • Forgetfulness and Memory related problems
  • Communication Skills
  • Presentation Skills
Forgetfulness in Studies

And, personal issues such as,

  • Loneliness
  • Loss of a close relative or friend
  • Unexplainable tension
  • Habitual problems
  • Loss of interest in studies
  • Health problems, etc



Parent-teacher meeting is a short conference between students’ parents and teachers.It is a chance for parents to meet their child’s teachers and review any issues or concerns the parents or teachers may have with child/student’s performance.S.N.Bhat college is also conducting Parents Teachers meeting in the month of october.During the meeting, mark list of quarterly will be handed over to the parents.So parents are getting an opportunity to interact with the class teachers and respective subject lecturers.Also Valuable suggestions are also sought from the parent to bring about changes in the student’s performance.